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  As a full-service construction firm, Great Arrow can provide a complete menu of services from planning though project closeout. We tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients and provide the highest level of service in the most efficient manner. Our goal is to maintain our reputation as a company that meets or exceeds the requirements for Budget and Schedule performance in their construction programs. We have gained extensive experience in the Petroleum Retail, Food Service and Retail industries. These include renovations of working facilities that operating on a 24/7 basis, so we have the knowledge and expertise to perform renovations quickly, unobtrusively and correctly within round-the-clock operating environments.


Review of the project Drawings and Specifications for constructability and for effectiveness in achieving the project goals is our first task. We perform a though site visit in order to assure that existing site conditions will not adversely affect the project schedule and/or budget. We can assist in obtaining the required permits and ensure the design will meet all applicable governmental requirements.


Value Engineering identifies opportunities to remove unnecessary costs in projects while assuring that quality, function and performance will meet or exceed the customer's expectations. Our team members will gather all necessary information, analyze the function to identify relationships, create alternates for meeting the requirements, evaluate the alternates for function and cost savings and present these alternatives to the owner.


Development of sound budgets for any project is dependent on an accurate Estimate. To ensure this accuracy, we review all project documents, conduct thorough site investigations and perform comprehensive quantitative take-offs. We then utilize this information to determine all costs necessary to provide the owner with the project they envisioned. We use multiple methods of estimating, such as RS Means Cost Data to compare projects of similar size, scope and location. We can also provide estimates based on conceptual drawings, provide cost allowances for individual aspects of the work and provide estimates for insurance claims.


For control and monitoring purposes, the original cost estimate is converted into a project Budget. Detailed budgets are developed around each of the 50 major divisions of work in the CSI MasterFormat. We further subdivide these major divisions of work to allow accurate tracking of costs as they relate to each particular task of the project. Finally, all aspects of budgeting, estimating, and project cost tracking are integrated into a seamless system of project cost controls.


Project Schedules are developed for each project and the critical path elements are identified so that all labor, materials and equipment can be organized for a timely completion of each phase of the work. We then monitor, update and report the progress of the schedule to our clients, who are quickly and accurately informed of project events, potential problems, and corrective actions.


Over the years, we have recognized that the qualification process is a critical step toward ensuring our commitment to delivering quality, value, and ethical business practices to our customers. Each potential subcontractor undergoes an initial Pre-Qualification process to evaluate their experience, verify references and confirm required licensing, bonding and insurance. We interview all potential subcontractors prior to issuance of Subcontract Agreements to assure they possess a thorough understanding of the overall project, drawings and specifications and schedule requirements.

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