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Design-Build streamlines project delivery through a single contract between the owner and the design-build team. This simple but fundamental difference saves time and money by transforming the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance which fosters collaboration and teamwork. Possibly the greatest advantage of the design-build process is the seamless method by which the countless details are coordinated between the designer and the builder. Our design team will manage the myriad of details in accordance with our client's specific goals, budget and completion timeframe.

The design-build process begins with a Feasibility Study which will outline project definitions, so a clear statement of the project criteria can be developed. The study should define the basic scope of work, develop a rough idea of the specifications, develop a rough estimate and determine which design path is appropriate for the budget. At this point, the owner now has enough information to decide if the project in feasible or not.

If the owner agrees to proceed, a Design Contract will be issued and the design phase will begin. Our design team will work with clients to develop one or more alternate approaches which will provide flexibility in terms of cost and design factors. This enables our clients to choose a preliminary design based on a thorough understanding of the particular advantages or disadvantages of each conceptual design.

Concept Drawings
will then be created to advance the definition of the scope and cost of the project in greater detail. These concept drawings, preliminary budgets and scheduling information will be reviewed with the client and iteratively refined. After the conceptual plan is approved, Preliminary Designs will be created for evaluation and value engineering.
   Wall Section Detail

Once the plans have been refined to a single conceptual scheme, we will estimate the plans and will produce a Conceptual Proposal. The proposal will present a budget for the project with a ten percent cost range. If the proposal is accepted, we will asked to be issued a construction retainer which will authorize Great Arrow to complete the construction documents, obtain the appropriate permits and complete the final cost estimate. We can now develop a fixed cost agreement to build your project. The Construction Contract will include a detailed scope of work and specifications that will reference the final set of construction drawings. The design phase is complete and construction may begin!

Design Contract
Concept Drawings
Preliminary Designs
Construction Contract